About Art of Wellness

Art of Wellness inspires empowered health and quality living by providing education, treatment, coaching and mentoring with quality practitioners.

In a culture of partnership and participation, develop and refine your skills in choosing your right food, your best form of exercise, when to balance your mind and uncover your best way to relax.

Art of Wellness encourages a commitment to ongoing health by providing personalised treatment, group education and the opportunity of long term support. We aim to be the best in the world at asking the right questions at the right time and then match you with the right solutions.

Mana Fleming

BHSc Chinese Medicine, National Diploma of Acupuncture and ACC Approved Treatment Provider

After many years of working with people both individually and in groups I have discovered the joy of witnessing the empowerment of claiming our own body, mind, spirit and our own vital lives. The result is a desire to be part of a wellness culture where people are given accurate information and the ability to make choices on how to live their own health filled life.

Chinese medicine provides a model of health preservation that integrates diet, exercise, good mental attitude and relaxation in a world that is fast paced and stress filled.

Hutia te rito
Hutia te rito o te harakeke
Kei hea te komako e ko
Ki mai ki ahau.
He aha te mea nui
He aha te mea nui o tenei ao?
Maku e ki atu
He tangata, he tangata, he tangata

If you remove the heart of the flax bush
From where will the bellbird sing to me?
What is the most important thing
The most important thing in this world?
I say it is people, people, people.