Autumn Awareness

Autumn is when the energy is contracting inwards becoming yin. The yang is drawing back down to rest inside this creates cooler mornings and evenings. The days are often cool, dry and clear especially if the weather patterns are balanced.

A great way to calm your senses and move inward is to listen to beautiful music, walk quietly in nature, maintain a breathing practice or ask yourself what you need at this moment? And then quietly do that.

The healing journey takes us away from our selves then returns us and we are different. Our wellness is not a line or circle. It’s a spiral of continual change, which signifies a profound shift in attitudes and values.

Autumn can be very colourful when the leaves change colour producing yellows, oranges and reds. This is the part of the natural growth cycle and is called decline. In New Zealand a great place to experience this season is Central Otago.


The Metal Element

Metal In the five-phase or five-element tradition autumn pertains to Metal. The metal element is associated with the colour white, the ending of summer and the emotions sadness and grief that when worked through create the foundation of courage.

Notice the rhythms of your breath and enjoy pungent flavours like ginger. The scenery to experience is the mountain. The symbol is the White Tiger. There is even a Chinese Medicine formula called White Tiger Decoction (Bai Hu Tang). This formula has medicine in it that requires you to see a trained Chinese medical herbalist.

Receptivity, appreciation, embodiment, integrity and courage are values that become apparent in a person that has a balanced Metal phase or element.

How do you respond to the autumn season? Would some of the suggestions above be useful in easing your way through this time of year?


Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbs) is great for treating the following imbalances.

             Asthma                                   Constipation/diarrhoea

             Allergies                                  Irritable Bowel Syndrome

             Cough                                      Crones Disease

             Colds and Flu                           Anal Fissures

             Bronchitis                                 Haemorrhoids




A dry cough often occurs in autumn and can respond well to cooked pear. Steamed or slightly cooked pear is preferable to canned pears and microwave cooking.

A cough with profuse white sticky sputum responds well to ginger and fluids.

A cough with profuse sticky yellow/green also responds well to cooked pear and would be best treated by a Chinese Herbal prescription.





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